Do Age Gap Marriages Work?

That question was asked by an anonymous visitor who posted a comment in one of my older ramblings about Apparently, he was concerned how long do marriages work between a much older man and a young woman as most of the women he met doesn't seem to have a problem with the set up.

I would have loved to share my pop-psychology-oprah-winfrey advise to the fellow but since he didn't leave an email address, here's my reply:


"...there a some mistakes in my earlier post,most of these girls have no problems in age gap marriages, do these marriages last?"

1. with lots of Viagra - Yes, it may work for Approximately 3 hours.

2. On the question whether the marriages last - Mostly NO, usually one of the participants DIE of Old Age, and it's not the young lady. (click on read.more...)

3. in the case of Australian men, NO - the young asian lady usually gets knocked off for insurance by the husband.

4. With enough money - Yes, it may work. Don't worry, your dollar is worth 45 Pesos in the Philippines

5. Super Extended Families - when you get into these types of marriages, please expect to include the immediate family and neighboring town and cities. italians have small families compared to us. if your idea of a marriage is instant family then it just might work...


Carlota said…
i don't think huge age gap marriages works. Although I would prefer guys older than me because i think they are a bit more mature but not that VERY OLD that he would need a viagra.

I don't think age matters in a relationship because its just numbers but other things will such as differences in interests, etc. The guy would probably be interested on retirement while the girl is not yet ready to roll over and die. Just my opinion.. weeee
Anonymous said…
hmmm, may december affairs DO happen and can succeed. unfortunately, society will always look questioningly at these types of unions :)

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