Elevator Operators

the only reason i see for needing an Elevator Operator is if i am a midget and i have to get to the penthouse of the Burj in Dubai [which is just the taaallest building at 167 floors].

speaking of midgets, i imagine one behind the elevator panel announcing doors opening and elevators going sideways... err.... up or down. i hate it when people test the automatic sensor by sticking out a foot or hand. [warning, doors closing, please stand back] then they "accidentally" have their butt cross the laser sensors [warning, doors closing, please stand back]. these are times i wish the midget behind the panel would shout:

[idiot, i said the doors are closing! get your fat self inside!!]

then again, that is fantasy... or is it?

a cousin sent me pictures of an uber fabulous advertising campaign for a jobs company in denmark. if midgets DO stay behind elevator panels, would it be too far off to imagine people behind coffee dispensers, atm machines and photo id cubicles?

indeed, life is TOO short for the Wrong Job!

click on read.more for other interesting jobs :)

speaking of jobs, call center companies have been [misleading] applicants. they tout their company to be the place for the coolest jobs on planet cebu. can someone explain to me how to define [cool]?

does this look cool to you? customers telling you to do all sorts of tasks short of selling your soul and add to that, getting shouted at by irate customers. totally unCOOL. don't be misled, theirs is a TOUGH job.

brrrrr!!!! it is a COOL job! you have to fake the american accent, you even have to fake your location, heck you even get assigned fake names, might as well get used to freezing temperature.

now if traveling and eating are REAL jobs, consider that as part of my resume. darn.


Anonymous said…
It is costing the State more to have us on unemployment and Medi-cal and having to use State funded resources for help then it is to keep us employed six months out of the year. not to mention that the cost of repairing the boxes after vandals hit or lost visitors with no direction or possibly the security of V.I.P's, staff and visitors, or the saftey of any one who may get stuck in an old elevator and not know what to do! I guess the states money starts with the little people!
Bon said…
define cool?

Line :)
Anonymous said…
I work as a call center agent. i have customers calling everyday, cussing and shouting. Yup i have the coolest job in this country. These f**ked up call centers do a great job lying.
Erich Jao said…
cool cuz the production floor is cold as a witch's teat!

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