Dumbledore is Gay

Harry Potter fans had mixed emotions when J.K. Rowling casually mentioned that Dumbledore is gay after a young fan asked if Dumbledore ever found "true love". me thinks she got inspired by Ian McKellen who is gay and played the part of the White Queen err, Gandalf.

to the constantly pessimistic critic, both characters loved to run around with boys, young boys. to quote another blogger: "Great, another old queen".

It would probably be a different story if Rowling and Tolkien made the characters of Sirius the Black or Boromir gay. They do make the perfect candidates, both are loveless and had some sort of infatuation for another man (Sirius Black is the closest friend of James, father of Harry Potter whereas Boromir has a love hate relationship with Aragorn and loves to chase around small young boys - aka Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin)

either way, the declaration that Dumbledore is gay gives an entirely diferent color to his relationship with Grindelwald (read the last book) but does not add or subtract anything to the story. me thinks that Rowling did this to promote a political agenda - setting up the second-most-important character as gay is designed to deliver a strong message.

the only outrage would be that in the next movie installment they have the character dress up in pink overalls. now, that would be a fashion disaster.


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