People Are Talking About - 2007.11.04

Glorietta Blast Caused by Gas - PNP : ok, someone's gotta admit to eating a hell lot of beans. binay - prove it, ayala - terrorist did it, pnp - bomb star, err gas leak did it. someone forgot to note that if it was a terrorist act you would have heard a lot of press release from the group by now - just ask bin laden. dear ate glow...

Erap Pardoned by GMA : you are forgiven for a sin you've never committed. Erap due for a Saintly promotion by Cardinal Vidal - just in time for All Saints.

Boy and Kris Losing to Sis : showbiz news, Boy and Kris is getting a beating with competitor Sis that they decided to reformat the show and have Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby to host the new show also titled SIS. Ah... this is just a joke, leche baka ma lolit solis ako nito.

Witnesses place Milby at a posh hair salon in the Ortigas area during the time that Solis claims he saw him with Pascual : I didn't know Solis is a male - Solis claims he saw, workers from the salon were allegedly quoted that Sam was busy having his eyebrows tweezed after a complete facial with matching hair color, manicure+pedicure at that time.

US talk show host says Filipinos can't speak English : Kimmel Who? We're getting so upset over a language that's not even ours. ang tang ina na yun, o sa lahat ng mga nang-galaiti sa galit ke malu fernandez eh dapat magtalumpati na din kayo para idagdag etong si kimmel sa listahan ng ipa salvage. sige subukan nyang pumunta ng cebu at gagawin namin syang chicharon. let's see him translate this one.

UNO plans early for 2010; Jinggoy-Binay slate looms : Late news correction, the headlines should have said UNGGOY. Drats, just when we ACTUALLY need the services of Garcillano or Bedol...

Stronger Impeachment Complaint to be Filed by Opposition this Monday - What are the options? Jamby Madrigal? Lacson? De Castro? Junggoy?

City Lacks "Noise Meter" : No need actually, Tom and Gwen have quit shouting at each other.

Cebu Media Election Winners Tackle Conflict of Interest : voting for media personalities is never a good idea, look at sotto, webb, lapid. Besides, it would look stupid for them doing an interview with themselves.

Malabon Offers Free Painting For All Saints Day Celebration : there's only one problem, they painted over the names as well. Happy Hunting!

Drugs, Liquor, Weapons Are Not Allowed in Cemeteries During All Saints Day : how ironic, a lot of people died because of drugs (or lack thereof) and weapons. the same policy applies during elections and ceasefire between the administration and opposition. now, don't you wish it was elections every day? In other parts of the country, some tambays are celebrating All Saints by drinking bottles of San Miguel - Patron Saint of Drunken Fist Fights

This Year's All Saints Day Generally More Peaceful - well the celebrants are dead aren't they? rest in pieces. some people preferred to stay at home instead to avoid the living.

Arrest of "rebel leader" to hurt NPA men - cops : Police yesterday said that the arrest of alleged rebel leader Ricardo Bellamia on Friday will demoralize his men in Cebu. - What "morals" are they talking about? Last I heard the NPAs were celebrating as someone's up for promotion.

Mall Blast Finding Solid - PNP : last i checked, it was debris scattered all over.

Bacolod's Approval of Small Town Lottery Dismays Church : it means less collection for them. amen.


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