psychedelic perceptions

opinions, facts and perceptions have entirely different meanings yet people have a tendency to use and abuse these words.

there was a lot of buzz when faelnar (aka barangay captain of guadalupe) was asked by tommy to step down as ABC president to give way to someone presumably younger and more dynamic to lead the association of barangay captains. the public perception is that tommy is fed up with faelnar's antics and questionable activities.

my partner and i got to talk about this one and there was a lot of discussion about faelnar as a corrupt poitician. i admit i've heard that allegation previously and truth to be told, i hated the way faelnar looked in his campaign poster. that is an opinion, but that's not the point. my partner was so passionate about lumping faelnar as a corrupt politician and i sat listening and nodding my head.

during a slight pause of heated proclamation of disgust against this personality, i butted in - yeah i heard he is really corrupt but do you know what specific allegations are against him?

the slight pause extended to an uncomfortable silence as we were not able to name a single incident, story, rumor, fact or allegation of actual anomalous transactions. muttering silently, my partner said... well look at the garbage that litter the street of this barangay.

right, the same garbage that litter the whole country.

the general opinion is that faelnar is corrupt and is bolstered by a strong perception of his incompetence to manage the barangay and some anomalous transactions done in his office. on the other hand, the more important fact remain unanswered as to what exactly are these allegations. we can only guess at the truth behind the story but i am sure that tommy has a lot more facts than most of us.

my opinion is that faelnar is a corrupt politician but that hardly counts as a fact.


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