Barangay Peste

October 31, 2007 - eve of all souls day celebration

what do you do when you see a sign along the road that says "no stopping anytime"? you stop, put your lights to hazard and quickly dash off to the flower shop and grab your bunch meant for the dead. they could just as easily have saved it for themselves as i had the strongest urge to run them over.

just as strange, there are more policemen standing around in the area where even a traffic enforcer can't be found. guess what, they're not doing a single thing to apprehend the violators.

i can hear the background music from martin nievera play "flowers for you, in this lovely evening..." except that i suspect these policemen receive more than flowers from the vendors. on hindsight, that's not the perfect song as it is the eve before all saints day. somehow, flowers for you sound uh... morbid.

i spied the policemen loitering around and not doing a single thing to apprehend the private cars. i suspect these guys get more than just flowers from the vendors.

speaking of flowers, they cost 200% more than the usual price - heck, even the sampaguita sold by the street urchins cost more than the usual rate. even manang coring charged me five pesos for the calachuchi and santan i grabbed from the bush outside her apartment. i told her that i'd give her some flowers when i get back, bulak sa patay.


october 28, 2007 - eve of the barangay elections

getting back to my place was a mess, the sitios along my road happen to celebrate their barangay peste este, fiesta around this time of year and the usual four lane road becomes a single lane to accommodate the stage, the santo and the barangay natives that drink, dance and push each other on the way of traffic.

except in this situation, people were not looking at the stage but at some stupid idiotic guy that was in the middle of the road trying to direct traffic. his shirt was rolling up his protruding tummy and his shorts fell to the hip to reveal bacon strap jockeys that has seen better days. the sight of his butt crack is something that i don't wish even for my mortal enemy - uh, except for scot perhaps.

my neighbor informed me much later that it was the barangay captain that's seeking reelection. i quickly stepped out of the house to look at some campaign trash that's posted on the lampposts and saw his ad: "A Man of Few Words and More Action". very true indeed.

i should have run him over.


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