Jekyll and Hayden

you've probably heard enough of vicky belo but not of her 25 year old boy toy Hayden. in an excerpt from a YES interview, he was quoted to have said:

"i learned number one, from Jesus Christ, and i learned from the hindu god Shiva. and i learned from Einstein. The fibers of their being are now running thru my fibers. They are inside me, and any time you want their intelligence it will come to me at the snap of a finger. if i want the intelligence of Einstein today, right this moment it will come to me."

i didn't know this happens when you had too much work done on you.

honestly though, i thought that vicky belo only did cosmetic surgery with matching pedicure, manicure and hair extensions. i didn't know brain surgery was part of her services, though the one she did with hayden somehow went terribly, terribly wrong.


got this as part of a text message from a friend.


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