"rendering overtime will not significantly increase your bottomline margins. if you take a look at this data... kuya, am calling off my engagement."

you know how yahoo messenger windows happen to pop up in the middle of something? what's more interesting is that you're in between breaths extolling financial management to a group of senior managers and you get this message.

"uh... that is the cost of long distance love affairs."

that got me some laughter - which is a good thing but it made me think about one of my dearest friends based in san francisco. it was just a matter of time but i knew it was coming. i had a two year relationship with someone based in the US and in the two years we were "together", we were only physically together for three weeks. suffice to say that relationship ended as a footnote in my life.


mc donald's, munching on fried chicken while lending a sympathetic ear to another friend. "pare, am leaving my wife." dedma ako. "i've found another one." okay, before you go on a moral high-chair condemnation of my kumpare, consider that it has been more than four years that he has complained of action, or the lack of it.

mr. right hand is a handy accomplice (pun intended) and the occasional extra-marrital affair with "lefty" doesn't count either. and a threesome with right and left is a bit impossible - asians are NOT that "gifted", let's get real. but you don't marry your right hand now do you? for the past eleven years my kumpare has never strayed from the straight and narrow path and it comes to a point where personal differences in lifestyle just complicates a non-existent sex life you start to think that you're sharing board and rent with a complete stranger.

"pare, i understand completely your situation. the only thing i ask of you is to ensure that -name deleted - aka child- is in a better situation after you've made your decision."

hard decisions have to be done and often times, they are not the popular ones. there are times that things end so we can start with something better.

to both of my dearest friends - te, suportahan ta ka eh.


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