Textmate - Mr. Nat. N. Terested

i get really annoyed with anoymous text messages. on the other hand, you are tempted to answer specially if you use the phone for business and it might be a potential client/customer and what have you.

a couple of days back i got a message that said "hi! how have you been? haven't heard from you in a long while."

i suppose that it was someone i kept some form of communication a while back and am pretty sure it wasn't an ex. i answered: "am doing pretty ok, sorry i don't have your number as i had to reprogram my unit sometime ago. may i know who this is?"

yeah yeah, lame excuse but we filipinos just hate to be blunt and ask "who is this?"

"this is kath from cavite, may i know your name as well?"

putcha, there goes my piso. errr. i forgot, was using my sun cellular phone so texting is free. it doesn't matter, i've lost some valuable time fiddling with my phone when i could have fiddled with something else.

i quickly answered, "I am Nat. N. Terested"

stupid kath from cavite said, "O hi Nat! Are you a foreigner?" - i was so bloody tempted to answer: "yeah, am half german, half shepherd... grrrrrr...". i rest my case.


here's an invitation for all my readers to leave a comment as to the best answer to these annoying text messages... write on!!!


Anonymous said…
Hmmm... how about Mr. Yo So?

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