...of idiots and their fingers

"fingering" has taken a completely different meaning with filipinos and their mobile phones. earlier, i almost busted an artery as i stopped myself from running over a motorist driving his motorcycle ever so slowly along a major road.

i originally assumed he was just being overly cautious but when i passed by, i saw him holding a mobile phone busily texting with one hand as he balanced his fat ass on his motorcyle. I blared my horn so loudly he swerved and the cars following my trail did the same. i believe that guy just took idiocy to stratospheric levels and should be banned from public roads.

i was so sorely tempted to get my mobile phone out and take a snap so i can post his face along with this blog, then again, that would make me as stupid as that fellow. as idiotic as the police officer i saw riding his motorbike without a helmet. wearing helmets have a purpose, to protect your noggins just in case you get knocked off your bike. it's not the same as not wearing condoms for the pleasurable sensation - i can only assume getting your head acquainted with the road is not a, uh, orgasmic experience. with idiots like this, the "smaller" head has probably more sense than their bigger craniums. hello-o-o-o, i can hear the echo bouncing off the empty space inside their heads.


Cybele said…
I wish I were one of the reporters there who got to interview Trillanes (note: I do not use his title of "Senator". He doesn't deserve it.)

I would've liked to ask, to quote my friend Gabby:

"Mr. Trillanes, how do you feel that you have failed and chickened out not once, BUT twice?"

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