Binay For President?

Binay for president? This guy believes too much to his own Press Release. If there’s anyone to give credit it should be the Ayala (aka AYALA AVENUE) family and Sy (AKA S.M.) who built the foundation of the premiere business district in Metro Manila.

Running the country is different from managing Makati where literally,everything is handed to the mayor on a plate - a golden plate.

Let him try to manage Mindanao where a lot of people don't even have food to eat off a plate, where eating is an uncertain event. I suspect that he has never been to the real Mindanao (Sulu, Tawi Tawi, Zamboanga) except for Davao.

The business leaders of Makati must be smiling with gritted teeth at this presumptuous boast.

Let Binay come to the Visayas or Mindanao and the real people (aka masses) would be more likely to say: Binay who?


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