Teletech Falls off the 2008 100 Global Outsourcing Ranks!

Teletech had it going for a while. Aggressively, they set up their footprint in various parts of the country and recent expansions in the Visayas with Cebu, Iloilo, Dumaguete and Bacolod leading the pack.

They had it good, for a while. An online forum has surfaced naming names and issues that the company can't seem to contain despite the massive PR propaganda it uses in its advertising campaigns. For a relatively new organization in Cebu, it has gathered extraordinary flack and comments from employees that refused to be named because of security reasons. Other companies such as Convergys, Etelcare, PeopleSupport, Sykes had their dirty laundry laid out by employees but not at the same level of vehemence and venom that seem to be directed at TeleTech that is extraordinary.

It seems that 2007 saw the company falling apart at the seams for no apparent reason. We are not privy to what's happening within the company and it can all be attributed to speculation. On the other hand, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals recently released their list of 100 Global Outsourcing Companies for 2008 and TeleTech dropped after their relatively impressive performance in 2007 that ranked them at number 18.

Teletech was home for me for a short while. I left the organization after helping them set up their Cebu operations and launching three programs in a span of 6 months growing to about 500 employees and successfully completing delivery of the brand new facility. I joined the company in 2006 and left 2007 to pursue full-time consulting in the BPO industry. I've been keeping tabs on the industry as part of my due diligence to monitor movement and this is a disappointment for me.

They had it good for a while, but it looks like the company is collapsing under its own weight. Someone, somewhere needs to have a good hard look at what's happening.

Hope it gets better.


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