Tasteless Preview

"there is something horrendously grotesque about the image that makes it a genius". except that "genius" got taken out in the case of the latest preview magazine cover. someone should get fired in the graphics / editing department of preview.

the magazine is obviously "sponsored" by Pantene who is launching its newest image models with their definition of Manila's Loveliest. I wonder whose definition of "lovely" they are using. cadaverous lovelies i must say. under ordinary circumstances, the ladies should have been gorgeous enough with minimal need of the digital scalpel.

and those lips, those puckered up lips that belong to a life vest straining at the hilt with collagen err, oxygen. or should i say photoshop liquify tool?

i wonder which ad agency worked on this campaign - judy ann and claudine are relatively still "in" whereas gretchen and ruffa are definitely "out", as in somewhere OUT there.

i must say though that they did this cover so bad that it caught my eye in the magazine stand. which reminds me, what the hell happened to digital photographer philippines? have been looking for a copy for two months noooow!!!!


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