Food Trip! - Casa Verde

Filipinos Love Food. This is the only country where we have snacks in between snacks. My friends who end up in Cebu always ask:"Where can we find good food?"

if you're like me who haven't evolved that far from our cavemen ancestors, you probably have a liking for meat. genormously huge baby back ribs with meat literally falling off the bone, slathered with sweet and peppery tamarind infused barbecue sauce and served with bits of vegetables and garlic rice on top of hotsa-hot sizzling plate is probably your choice of hunt. if this describes your facebook / multiply / friendster profile then pick up your club and head off to Casa Verde along V. Ranudo Extension (details at the end of the post).

This place is probably one of the worst kept secret of Cebu and if you haven't heard of this place, then, you, truly, are, clueless. Miss it and you actually save half your life as the extremely rich food in Verde is decidedly part of my artery-clogging list.

Equally sumptuous is my other favorite the thick, juicy salisbury steak in buttery gravy topped with fried egg (if you're a bit obsessive compulsive like my friend, you can ask the staff to beat your egg, i mean, the egg served with the dish.) and served with the usual vegetable and garlic rice.

if you get the chance to visit for yet another round, make sure to order the baked chicken (boneless chicken stuffed with cheese, ham and herbs in creamy white B├ęchamel sauce) or Mahi-Mahi Fish and Chips (mahi mahi is another term for dolphin fish, cold blooded, and is not part of any animal rights list. mahi mahi is crusted using buttery egg flour with spices and quickly deep fried to retain the juice. your knife literally sinks into the meat and the flesh melts in your mouth).

if you're heating up after all the eating, cool down with michael's obsession (thick chewy brownie topped with vanilla ice cream) or a genormous serving of death by chocolate (double chocolate ice cream shaped like a cake slice and crusted with melted chocolate drizzled with syrup, what else? chocolate) or it's white version Chill Out.

the best part is that you don't have to rob the bank to order and enjoy your food (unlike Abaca - but that's another review). for the same amount of ribs ordered in manila, you pay Php 500 versus Php 120 in casa verde. the rest of the menu is on the same scale.

it is the VERY reason why this is so popular with the students and hordes of koreans looking for a good buy. for cebuano locals, price is a BIG consideration when choosing a venue and often, food becomes a secondary criteria.

other bits of info: the place itself is an old house converted to a restaurant with nicely decorated interiors. the picture on the left is an annex to the main restaurant, stay here if you want an airconditioned room.

THIS picture copied from another site. This is the main dining hall, notice the old painted map of central visayas that adorn the main wall.

Make sure to add it to your itinerary when visiting Cebu City!

Casa Verde

Add: 69 V. Ranudo Ext., Cebu City
Tel: (032) 253-6472
One Dish Must Have: Baby Back Ribs

email or leave a comment, tip, news etc etc if you have ANYTHING to say about Casa Verde.

- lamon inc.


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