The Scariest Pit Bull

pit bulls are cute dogs! dropped by SM Cebu to watch a dog show for pit bulls and got some snaps of the lil' monsters.

the handler, feeding his baby. didn't bother publishing the picture where the handler takes a swig of the water AFTER the dog.

winky, the winking pit bull. i have got to shave, even dogs are coming on to me.

the scariest pit bull. confidently walking around the other pit bulls. btw, if you haven't noticed. the bleached hair, pot bellied, beer chugging man has a shiny shoulder bag tucked underneath his sweaty armpits.


Jenna said…
OMG!! I just got my baby pit (Harley) from the local shelter in minnesota and he looks EXACTLY like that Pit in the first pic, with the white and light brown spots. Its kinda creepy.. lol But i was wondering if that dog had any puppies, ever????
Cacho said…
he he he, i bet the lil' rascal did the rounds of the neighborhood. my best friend keep seven of these lovable monsters.

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