Happily Losing

...weight that is.

the other day i recommended that tessie have her eyes checked, she is THAT certain that i lost weight. that of course was a joke, but it made me smile. the never ending battle of getting some baby fat, err okay, some adult fat is obviously working.

the automatic assumption is that i've done drastic changes to my food foraging habits e.g. steamed tasteless disgusting chicken breasts, paper mush flavored tuna packed in water and tons of gas inducing camote (sweet potato tubers).

it comes as a big surprise that i tell them that lechon kawali (crispy succulent deep friend pork cutlets) is a staple lunch hunt for me. or greasy fat dripping sweet humba on top of steaming hot rice.

on the other hand, it SHOULDN'T be a surprise to know that moderation is the only thing that works when it comes to battling the bulging bulge. yesterday i absolutely refused an invitation by tonette to drop by alejandro's near Cebu Doctors for the artery plug called Crispy Pata (tenderized pork knuckles infused with flavors and fried to a crackling crisp). not that i don't relish the thought of sinking my fangs on a delectable dish, it's just that i already had my share of lechon kawali for lunch. perhaps another day, alejandro and i will battle it out.

i prefer the set meals offered in some restaurants - the portions are substantive and balanced according to MY nutritional guide. the achara (pickled vegetables) that comes along with kawali qualify as greens - i think. more than that, set meals usually allow you to sample the food without having to order the whole portion. too many times i've heard of excuses to go to a chinese restaurant to order "light" dimsum for a meal and end up consuming three quail egg, four mushroom, three classic, two empress rolls, one bacon roll siomai (steamed or fried dumplings) with a serving of rice topping. add buchi to that. and vetsin (msg). and it all ends up in the last place you want fat to end up - and am not talking about the breast or the ass.

of late my favorite hangout place is Mr Coffee in One Mango - free internet access, relatively quiet, not so good coffee (da heck, am not a coffee drinker anyways) and a very good menu list for short set orders and sandwiches.

anyways, going back to the topic of dieting, dinner is usually ultra light - juice or a piece of fruit. just enough to keep my tummy from staging a rally in the middle of the night. this for me is the biggest sacrifice i have to do in the quest of happily losing weight.


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