The Grudge Match

The Grudge Match
2nd Friendship Amateur Boxing Match
May 4, 2008
Paseo Verde

Czar Amonsot

AJ Banal

Rey Bautista

Z Gorres

ALA claim to be home of the Cebuano Boxing Champions. With world-class brawlers such as Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista, AJ Banal, Z Gorres and Czar Amonsot you know that it is not an idle claim.

You probably won't be picking any fight with this bunch even if you are backed up by the combined forces of the bloods or crips gang. ALA is THAT scary.

When Holiday Gym & Spa (HGS) agreed to an invitational match last year (2007) versus ALA i was muttering to myself - oh well, they're probably tired of their boy band faces.

Admittedly, the client-fighters of HGS illicit more squeals not because of their fighting skills but because the girls in the gym find them hunky chunky tasty and firm to the bite. like that hotdog brand, purefoods.

but like what dear old murphy said: if something can fuck up, bet you it really is going to screw up. and yes, HGS screwed ALA big time by winning 8 out of 9 matches - the last one is still questionable as ALA changed their boxer on the day of the match. heard the original boxer's blood pressure shot up. mine would have hit the roof too, seeing that HGS is winning all matches. Annie Neric of HGS was overheard complaining that she is getting tired of going up the ring too OFTEN to give an award.

as one of the fighters quipped, they had to make sure their wins were convincing because if the "fights" looked evenly matched, odds are, ALA will come out the winner. yeah, like pacquiao and marquez - that convincing. u-huh.

and that, has, been, a, sore, sore, black, eye for ALA. and you betcha, they are rearing to even up for a GRUDGE MATCH with HGS.


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