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Filipinos Love Food. This is the only country where we have snacks in between snacks. My friends who end up in Cebu always ask: "Where can we find good food?"

flashback about two years ago, still working as a vampire in a call center. i usually head off to IT park for lunch around 12 midnight (and no, i don't go hunting for young pretty things to bite). a newly opened restaurant caught my eye as i originally thought that Sunburst finally opened up a branch in asiatown. who can blame me, the logos look the same.

Kul's Kitchen just opened and there was hardly any people coming in. The hardest part of choosing a restaurant is that you despise going into a full packed restaurant but you also hesitate to go into one that's almost "empty".

i decided to take a gamble and am glad i made that choice.

the word Kul is a literal translation of the Hindi word that means "Home". That makes the restaurant serve home-cooked meals, just about the description everyone uses when asked what is one's favorite food. what sort of house though serves all sorts of asian dishes alongside american, european and mediterranean in one menu? am sure the united nations cafeteria do, but in this case, the chef said that the dishes served are all his personal favorites. well, make that mine too.

it is hard to choose ANY particular dish as they all appeal to the fickle whims of my taste at any given time. in no particular order try to get the crispy boneless pork knuckles (crispy pata), tender falling-off-the-bone creamed ribs, lusciously fat sizzling bangus (milkfish), creamed chicken (chicken and sausage bits cooked in a garlicky cream sauce), pork belly in mango sauce, hot hot chili chicken wings, thai chicken wings, salisbury steak and on and on and on. some of the other dishes fall short of my expectation but the ones i listed are tried, tested, sampled, digested.

a surprise addition to this is a drink, the cucumber slush. you have to take a sip of this refreshing drink and i am sure you will be the next ambassador of this odd gustatory delight.

the prices are reasonable, ranging from Php 80 to Php 150 and the serving size is enough to satisfy a hungry vampire on the prowl.

creamed chicken

triple beef

sizzling bangus

cucumber slush. ah!

Kul Kitchen

Add: G/F Skyrise Building, Asiatown IT Park
Tel: ?
One Dish Must Have: Creamed Ribs

email or leave a comment, tip, news etc etc if you have ANYTHING to say about Kul Kitchen.

- lamon inc.


Anonymous said…
why isnt the cream ribs in the pics.. its written pa man din sa "must haves"
Cacho said…
hmmm good question! unfortunately, the one who ordered the dish can't wait for me to grab a pic before he wolfed it down he he he. but trust me, it is worth it! :P
rye said…
I have pics of the creamed ribs here .
I don't necessarily agree with you but to each his own I guess. I'm glad you had a great experience at Kul's Kitchen.

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