Food Trip! - Cafe Metro

imagine succulent chicken nuggets with bits of skin fried to crackling crispiness while keeping the meat tender, tossed with talong (eggplant) strips and smothered in a sweet tangy teriyaki sauce. on the side i have a huge portion of boneless bangus (milkfish) belly, seasoned with salt and pepper then quickly pan fried (skin down) on one side to keep the belly juicy and fat. top this with an ensalada of green sour mango, sweet white onions and red red tomato cubes. go ahead, imagine your teeth sinking into the soft flesh and the explosion of flavor that fills your mouth.

a cup of white, steaming sticky rice perfectly compliments the food. an order of dalandan (orange) slush helps you clear your taste buds for another succulent bite. aya-yay!

if you're anything like me, i'd be heading off to cafe metro in the mega strip (ortigas) or hit their outlet in greenbelt 3(?), recipes by metro. i admit, i am a gastronomic maniac (imagine strains of the flashdance theme song, maniac playing at the back of your head...)

as we ilonggos say, namitiye-yes!

Cafe Metro / Recipes by Metro

Add: Megastrip in SM Megamall or Greenbelt 3 Ayala
One Dish Must Have: General's Chicken (just bloody order everything)


Iris said…
OH MY GOSH!!!! Yummy!!!!

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