what do you call a baby pusit? psssst.

i just know it, i am going to get hate mail from pinoys living outside the philippines when i post these pictures. i mean, who doesn't miss their dried pusit and danggit?!?

vangie brought some of these tasty babies to our badian outing. what's absolutely GREAT about these lil bits of heaven is that they're salted just right and fried very very quickly. five to ten seconds in very hot hot oil is more than enough to cook the pieces. just a tip, never drop more than five pieces in the pan otherwise the others will burn while you're picking out the morsels.

imagine dipping this in pinakurat, sinamak or fermented onions, garlic, chili and spices in palm vinegar. orange juice mother, deleysyus! (translate into tang ina, masarap!)

you know you're not supposed to but you can't help reaching for more of these sinfully bad bits. o tukso, na-tu-tuyo mo na ako.


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