Professionalism to the Next Level

would you invite an honored guest to a banquet, only to ridicule and make him the receiving end of your pointed barbs?

that's exactly what happened to my team as well as other representatives of the BPO/Call Center industry who was invited to join a school job fair. from the start, company participants were already complaining as they got the notice from the school that they need to be there at 8:00AM sharp. only to find out that we would have to listen to an endless series of speeches from organizers and any hiring only started past noon.

despite this lapse in professional handling of the event, the companies stayed on. at one portion, a VP from the organizing school went up the stage to call on an employee for a series of testimonials - a great idea when you're praising partners for their work.

then he asked the question: "so why did you decide NOT to work for call centers and why is it better to work for (name of school)?"

fine. it's his school. but for a school whose nursing graduates can't be absorbed by their own hospital, much more find employment for their other graduates, and in more likelihood, have a lot of call center employee patients... well, this is the literal foot-in-mouth disease. yeah, you read that right, foot-in-mouth disease.

at dahil dyan may nag text. maraming text, as in ang dami daming text. at may nag skype, at may nag fax, at meron pang nag chat.

if the school does not issue out a formal apology there is that big likelihood that BPO/Call Center companies just might boycott ALL of their graduates. now, wouldn't that be another newsworthy piece?


Anonymous said…
Which School?? Clue Please??! - piloy

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