Vote for Luna Sabalones!

Woman says 7 men promised to make fake money bills -, Philippine News for Filipinos: "The campaign season hasn’t started yet for her but one Cebu congressional candidate is already crying over the loss of P4 million.

Luna Sabalones, 53, said she was duped by at least seven men who promised to duplicate her money bills in Manila ."

duh. she gave money to people who promised to duplicate her money bills in manila. and she's running for congress? more like kotongress. we should be filing a case against her.
guess what? she's running under the party of erap. ayan, erap para maghirap. it doesn't help that she looked like a mangkukulam. a fat mangkukulam. a fat white-haired-mangkululam. i shudder at the thought of having this crocodile in kotongress. 


Anonymous said…
ang bobo nya. ay oo nga pala, partido sya ni erap, isa pang saksakan ng bobo.
Anonymous said…
she looks like shamu's mom.
Anonymous said…
To say that because she is fat that she is not qualified to run for office is stupid, childess and irresponsible. If you are not from Cebu, what is your motive for influencing the Cebuanos local election? Kamong mga Tagalog pauli mo sa Manila o Luzon. You do not belong in Cebu.
TJB said…
Words such as "Fat Magkukulam, Kotongress" are not only rude, uneducated, maliceous and evil; they are the words of IGNORANT, STUPID and people who are IDIOTS! Does anyone know who Luna Sabalones is? What kind of a person is she. From what I know about her, she has establish FREE Vocation School for the Poor People and has assisted them in going abroad for employment. She is a savy business woman and has already retired. She does not have any ulterior motive but to help the poor people of the Philippines. I think before you make judgements about her, you should find out her qualifications as to whether or not you should VOTE FOR LUNA SABALONES!!!

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