Adobo Again

everyone knows how difficult it is to go beyond your comfort zone. the same problem happens when you go back to a restaurant and you resist the urge to order the same set of dishes you've come to love. my best friend is a classic example - i can literally rattle off the same order in just about every restaurant that we usually go to.

which is why it was hard for me to resist the urge to order the chicken tika masala or the kinamatisang kawali in Dessert Factory.

I made a promise to myself that i am going to order different dishes each and every time i go back to dessert factory. and yes, just in case you're wondering, the place really do serve dessert - except that most people are finding out that the dishes are actually just as delectable as the creamiest blueberry cheesecake you can find in the place.

today i ordered beef adobado for a number of reasons. any restaurant who can not cook adobo needs to cease existence. just as any japanese restaurant that can not serve properly cooked and seasoned agedashi tofu should close shop (well, that's my opinion anyways). adobo is very filipino in all it's vagueness and multitude of variety thus any restaurant that serves this dish (or any variation) must ensure that it is done right. the dilemma though is that there's not a single adobo recipe that can lay claim to being authentic, nevertheless our tastebud knows when you've hit that right adobo flavor. we just know.

it was the same sense of trepidation that i ordered the beef adobado from dessert factory. the write up was straight forward, beef done adobo style, crispy on the outside, soft and succulent in the inside. i am guessing it's actually refried adobo, more like the cebuano version where the cooked meat is fried again and there's no sauce.

any doubt in my mind disappeared when the dish was laid out before me. a favorite expression came to mind. food porn. then again, is it as good as it looked? one bite, with the right amount of saltiness and bite of pepper and enhanced with a vinegar-soy-chili based sauce had me smiling from ear to ear. i probably looked like the cheshire cat in alice. the description in the menu did nothing to justify this new favorite find.

the only problem is, next time i go to dessert factory i HAVE to resist ordering the same dish in my quest to go through their menu list. darn.


Anonymous said…
cacho ginugutom naman kami nito eh! lang ya. but yeah i agree with you, adobo is the filipino dish. :)
cj said…
had goosebumps looking at the pic. layered fat with beef is such a rich rich dish. do they have a dessert factory in manila?
Cacho said…
@cj - i agree with you about the "rich" description though you have to taste it to really appreciate the flavor. don't know though if they have an outlet in manila :) thank you for dropping by. check my other food posts.

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