Lola Felisa

restaurants are popping all over the city with lola tagged as part of the name. the word lola (or grandma) brings about memories of home cooked meals, except that in this instance, we really had homecooked food served during tia felisa's birthday. the amazing thing is that at 86 years old she still loves to chew on lechon. never mind that she probably "gums" it instead of really chewing it. just in case, we had a doctor and nurse on standby. and i wasn't talking about tia felisa, it's for the rest of us who stuffed ourselves with all the calorie-to-infinity and beyond dishes.

dinuguan? pork blood stew using the innards of the pig? to some it may be a recipe to some zombie movie gone bad but for filipinos, it is a classic dish that uses the blood drained from the lechon and cooked in vinegar, ginger, lemongrass, and other secret ingredients that includes chopped pigs organs better-not-named. and to think i just signed the "end animal cruelty" cause in facebook.

eaten with steaming hot rice and you have an artery clogging, uric acid loaded delicacy. personally, i prefer to use lean ground pork or chicken but i wanted to have the original mix just this time.after lunch i drove my best friend to the philippine medical association headquarters in cebu. silly, no one had a heart attack. my friend totally forgot that it was the national election.

while he was waiting in line to place his vote, i dropped by la marea to get something sweet as i never got any dessert in tia felisa's birthday. my usual selection would have been mango cobbler, apple crumble or the banana cream pie. on the other hand, i wanted something i haven't ordered previously and got the pecan pie with ice cream. committed a sin by eating lechon today, the additional pecan pie couldn't make it more sinful. i hope. argh. gym confession tomorrow. huff and puff.


Anonymous said…
eeeew blood stew?
Cacho said…
lets put it this way, Belgium and Netherlands have bloedworst or beuling, Spain has Morcilla cocida, Portugal has bood chourico, Germany has blutwurst, the UK has black pudding. all refer to blood based sausages. europe has a longer history of using blood in their dishes. just ask dracula.

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