The Ruins in Talisay, Negros Occidental

i've lived most of my life in bacolod city, and like most bacolodnons, we take the places around the area for granted. in my most recent trip to bacolod i made it a point to visit the ruins in talisay city, an old mansion gutted by americans to prevent the haponese to use it as a base. despite the fire, the structure retained its foundation which is a testament to the quality of material used to build this grand structure.

nowadays, the landscaped garden and restaurant nestled within the place make it an ideal place to visit for a nice afternoon, and if you're a photography addict like me... well then, it's an orgasmic experience.

and since this place has spawned more blog entry that you can count on your hands, i'll spare you the narrative and read more about the ruins here. enjoy enjoy enjoy :)


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