and a thousand more dishes to go...

5/5 Beef Adobado
i've been looking for a good indian restaurant in cebu. okay, skip that. at least a decent indian restaurant.

5/5 Kinamatisang Kawali
the chicken tika masala in dessert factory is the closest approximation i can find of an indian dish that slightly resembled my memories of the gorgeous smells and flavors of india. i'm talking about food.

4/5 Chicken Tikka Masala
finding myself decently appeased, i decided to make it a point to come back every now and then and order a new dish i haven't ordered previously. if and when a friend comes along for the meal, i try to subtly convince them to order something i haven't tried before.

5/5 Beef Adobado
you see, i wanted to ask for a taste and of course, get a picture of the dish to add to my library. my friends would say i can pass for a food critic. that's too presumptuous of me. i never claimed to be a zagat. i just like my food and i have certain biases - like the fact that i'm starting to think french cuisine is overrated. that, or the fact that there's no GREAT french restaurant in Cebu. unless i get to travel to paris, i seriously doubt if i can sample any of the rumored best cuisine in the world.

3/5 Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu
then again, if my friends had to smuggle in a bottle of knorr liquid seasoning in their recent family trip to france it couldn't be that great.

4/5 Steamed Fish Fillet
if you're wondering what the fraction numbers represent beside the dish name, it's my quick rating with 5/5 as the best and 1/5 as the equivalent of a culinary deathwish. in short, pinatay ang tastebuds ko.

3/5 Beef Stew

overall? i'd rate dessert factory a dismal 2/5. it started with great promise with the beef adobado and kinamatisang kawali giving me more reason to come back. on the other hand, the beef stew aka Boeuf Bourgignon in french is a poor imitation of the creamy beef caldereta of my youth.

2/5 Crispy Rice Noodle Salad
2/5 Crispy Rice Noodle Salad

if you're on a diet, the crispy rice noodle with minced meat and hoisin vinaigrette is a perfect choice to spoil your appetite and a poor imitation of the chinese original.


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