Delusions of Gordon: Villar tried to bribe me

Gordon: Villar tried to bribe me | Sun.Star Network Online: "“A week before the campaign, that was before the Senate adjourned, an influential person came to me and told me to abandon support to Senator Enrile in order to regain the senate presidency for Senator Villar. He told me: They were just awaiting your vote; that I will pay for all your expenses including those incurred during your campaign. If you withdraw from the race, I will give you any Cabinet position,” Gordon said in an interview over radio station dzBB."

why would someone bother buying out the 1% rating of Gordon as a presidentiable? isn't this what people would refer to as a losing gambit? or more likely, a foolhardy decision. aba naman, ang alam ko na bilihan ng boto ngayon eh 500 pesos. eh kahit 500 hindi ko itataya for Gordon.


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