The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Laughter...

i wrote sometime back that the most unexpected things give us the greatest pleasure.

when lean introduced me to her friends on vacation from manila the first thought that crossed my mind is to remain prim and proper. it's just lunch and a few chit chat. that resolve didn't last long. not that the prim and proper twins got booted, more like we ended up "ho ho ho ho sorta belly laugh till your jaws ache".

add to that some lechon. okay, lots of lechon.
and sweet corn.
okay, a bit of cake added.
drats, i admit we lugged down liters of lipton tea.

let's just say that the conversation had a bit of everything in it. just like different facets of friendship that's tied together by one thing: the desire to sincerely enjoy each other's company.

lean, malou, grace, babe, angel - birds of the same feather make a good feather duster. you absolutely know what i mean by that sweethearts!


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