Berdays and Stuff

my memories of the last time i "celebrated" my birthday was on top of a table belting out a song entertaining the guests that are mostly my mom and dad's friends. then again i was around 8 or 10 that time. since then, birthday celebrations have been private time with family sharing a more than the usual dinner minus the balloons, cake and presents. my parents weren't that big on giving gifts - six kids and you'd understand that it is like celebrating a town fiesta six times a year. except for the debut of my two sisters, i can't remember any other berday celebration in the family.

my concept of a birthday celebration is peace and quiet away from distractions. i've seen celebrants ready to bust an artery preparing for a party or faced with the prospect of having to treat people to dinners and lunches and what-have-you. berdays should be days where you don't have to worry about anything or have your friends pamper you. i don't relish the thought of running around tables making sure everyone is well fed, have their drinks, having a merry jolly time, and in the worst case scenario - in need of entertainment. i don't have any ambition to get up on that table again.

my version of a berday celebration is treating myself to a vacation. go out of town, book myself in a nice resort, sleep to the sound of waves lapping gently on the shore, wake up to a lovely morning and have your breakfast by the beach. read a book, walk around town, take pictures, chat with the locals to find out more about the local history of the place, eat in a carinderia, cool myself with mango agogo (ice candy) - ah, what better way to celebrate eh?

if my friends decide to join the trip, they understand that it is not my responsibility to entertain them. in a sea of humanity, there are days that i simply want to be an island. my own private paradise.

happy birthday to me.


this year i decided to explore barili, south west of cebu. check out my travel posts about this charming town.


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