Disasters of Disproportionate Sizes

the hurricane nagris left a path of devastation in myanmar. a 7.5 level earthquake cracked the earth wide open in sichuan, china. but the greatest man-made tragedy hit cebu caused by Earth Wind and Fire (March 5, 2008).

to quote one blogger, "Why Meeeeeeeee? What did we do to deserve this?!"

i can hear hips pop and crack when the band did "Boogie Wonderland" - it's like watching a boy band - 50 years after version. Do we get these bands for a senior-citizen's rate? and if that's not enough, we were treated to another has-been band: TOTO.

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if not for the free ticket, i wouldn't be caught dead watching their show. understandably, we grew up to their music and swooned to the syrupy love song "Lea" (Lea, how long do you still want me to love you...) and more.

but damn, i was just four years old when they got together in 1976. am sure they could have reinvented themselves like U2. if that fails, Vicky Belo is always an option. Don't bother with Calayan, his penile implants are defective.

Uh... right, this is a concert review.

on more recent developments, Air Supply (formed late 70's) is slated for a concert this June 13, 2008 in Cebu City. i don't cherish the thought of inhaling dusty, slightly musky air that should be buried six feet under. they're late by about 20 years in getting here. The boy duo act is so passe, just ask sigfred & roy, batman & robin, inday badiday & dolly ann carvajal (yes dear readers, lalaki po sila - sana'y patawarin mo po kami sa paglapastangan sa buhay na mukhang patay err...). and if you don't know who inday and dolly are, good for you. seriously, inday is the mother of all talk-show-hosts in the late 70s (figuratively speaking. Dolly is one toooo many!)

ok, back to the topic. i'd rather enjoy their greatest hits cd for less than 500 pesos and hear them sing the songs without fear of croaking on stage. now, that would be a real show.

a bit of trivia... do you know what is the strongest hurricane that hit Philippine shores? TUKSO.

Kay dami nang, winasak na tahanan...
Kay dami nang, matang pinaluha....
Kay dami nang pusong sinugatan...
o TUKSO layuan mo ako!!!!!!
-Eva Euegenio (circa 70's)

*pictures grabbed from the internet.


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