Bisdak Siddhartha

theater is not really something most cebuanos appreciate despite the overwhelming number of talent in this island. blame it on commerce. at its current state, producing a full theater production is just not financially viable and those that foray into the activity end up with more loses than the sound of ka-ching ka-chinging accounts in the bank. you can say that most of these productions are literal labor of love.

painting with light - queen maya and dancers captured using slow shutter speed and deliberately panning the camera like a wave; Siddhartha

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Siddhartha, the musicale production of Buddha Light International - Cebu Chapter deserve to be written up as a gallant effort to bring cebuanos closer to a theatrical experience and appreciation of the arts. admittedly, some of the actors need to polish their skill at acting - but then again, if you were to act, sing, dance and coordinate with fifty other actors on stage i... i... i quit.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha on a Lotus

music runs in the veins of cebuanos and this is evidenced by the sheer talent paraded on stage. if you're to ask me to pick just one thing that i loved about the production, it would be the music. duh, it's a musicale. i was about to say that it is amazing to know that this is a 100% local production. then again, i expect nothing less. brava!

the arrangement, composition, lyrics and performance left me wanting an encore after siddhartha and his bride sang the grand-ex-lovers-duet. unfortunately this is not a concert. darn.

any reruns?


Arnold Carl said…
Hey I know someone behind Siddharta, from Chu Un Temple to be exact.

Kauban namo siya sa Heritage circle here in Cebu..

Hehe, added u na in my blogroll..

Thanks for dropping by too at my blog. It already has a new address,

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