Food Trip - Binagoongang Baboy

a craving is a crazy thing. i used to think that "naglilihi" (a filipino symptomatic condition of pregnant women with an obsessive craving for a certain type of food) is just an excuse for women to have the hubby run around looking for that odd-out-of-season food. ice cream with bagoong-bits is a classic example. don't ask why.

there are days though that my mind gets fixated on a dish that i literally drive across town just for that. If you ever had the Binagoongang Baboy of Quadro in Sykes Building you'll understand this particular obsession. (click on read more to continue...)

Yup, it comes with sliced sour green mango on the side that perfectly compliments the salty shrimp paste, stir-fried with tender yet slightly crunchy pork cutlets. Fried egg tops the dish. I like to cut the egg, add a dash of soy sauce and mixed with my rice. For Php 79 you understand the reason why i keep on coming back for this one.

Secret Tip: ask for a saucer and a bit of chili (adjust according to preference). mash the chili and add vinegar, mix in the binagoongang baboy. don't add too much chili unless you want hara-kiri for your taste buds.

don't blame me for the addiction.


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