Food Trip! - Vienna Kaffeehaus

Last night I was supposed to head off to Persian Palate for dinner with the gang. unfortunately, a member is not so hot about persian-indian food and suggested to head off to Vienna Kaffeehaus.

I would have loved to write something, anything about the place. On the other hand, if there's any food god out there - this restaurant is in serious need of REDEMPTION!

the busted light at the front should
have set my radar off.

i ordered the farmer's platter which is supposed to be a set of grilled sausage, chicken and pork. the sausage is a famine victim, the chicken is dry and wrinkled - granny chicken finally croaked, and the pork should be renamed bacon strip - it is that thin and small..

a colleague ordered aoili pasta with specific instructions for less chili. i don't think "MORE" sounds very much like "LESS". back to the kitchen for another try. it came back properly spiced but someone forgot to tell the kitchen we wanted pasta, not huge chunks of garlic with bits of pasta. something like pork and beans where it literally means one tiny piece of pork and a hell lotta beans.

the breaded porkchop came next with mashed potato. i was looking for the pork, all i saw was the chop. and bread. lots of it. lookit the poor lemon - a bit tired looking doesn't it?

pasta "mari" sound interesting. it was actually short for "marinara" (seafood). the problem with seafood is that you have to cook it perfectly. otherwise, you end up with soggy meats or rubberband. the shrimp was pasty (probably exceeded its very short shelf life), the squid rubbery and the pasta passably okay. by the way, parsley is not the same as coriander.

the salad is... is... you really can't go wrong with salad. if you do succeed in messing that dish then you know you're really in big trouble.

i.... i... am not coming back to that place. ugh.

Vienna Kaffeehaus

Add: Gen, Maxilom Ave, Cebu City - across Fooda, but really, who cares?
Tel: Don't bother.
One Dish Must Have: everything... should go.

don't be misled by the gorgeous pics.


Anonymous said…
try the new vienna kaffeehaus in gorordo. its in the kia showroom area. the one in mango isnt part of the franchise group any more they just retained the use of the name
Anonymous said…
I thought this place was great but when I went there I realized how bad their management was. My advice to you my fellow costumers is not to try eating their foods because you might get sick! Their food safety and sanitation is soo poor. Now think twice or else you will end up the hospital bed..
Anonymous said…
Your restaurant will not stay long in the field of management. You should hire professionals and act also as professionals. No hard feelings I'm just giving you an advice.

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