Very Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Social Rings

sometime 2006 i wrote about the very very secret diaries of the lord of the rings.

"In the VERY SECRET diaries, she (Cassandra Claire) takes us deep into the perverted minds of the (Lord of the Rings) characters as they obsess about their beards, hair, horn and get this... everyone is trying to hump each other." - if you want to read up on this one, jump right to Link#1 and Link#2.

In another entry, another diary got posted, this time the characters are from Manila's Lord of the Social Rings - apparently, they allegedly obsess about the same things with a bit of cocaine to make things definitely more eeenteresting.

i thought the story should have gone pfft after it's novelty wears off. apparently, the owner of the "Diary" decided to reopen and add more stuff. and when we talk about stuff, we mean really dirty-laundry-hanging-to-dry stuff.

it's not an intellectual read, but it's enough to keep me awake in the middle of reading work related research - and no, i don't consider reading up on drug induced parties research.

you want to access the BLOG? go to google and type brian gorrell and do a bit of research, eventually you'd find it.

gotta go back to some reading hmmm.


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