Graduation Espeych!

you've read about it, seen it, snickered, died in embarrassment, and got a good laugh at the Ms. World Philippines winner Janina San Miguel Beer. but as they hearsay, you can't foot a good woman down. in response to questions as to what she can say to all her distractors, she was quoted to have said:

"I won, they didn't." - magaling magaling magaling!

to prove to one, two, tree (everyone) dat she is good in english, she translates her graduation espeych from tagalog to english. she took desperation, este, inspiration from ruffa gutierrez's comment that 98% of filipinos espeyk english. di nga lang correct english, pero english.

here's da orig tagalog espeych:

Magandang hapon para sa inyong lahat, sa akin, sa inyo at sa lahat ng dumalo.

Gusto kong pasalamatan ang nanay, tatay - mga magulang ko na napaka importante sa buhay ko. Ngayong gabi ng aking graduation ako'y taas no nakaharap sa inyo.

Iniimbitahan ko kayong lahat na kumain sa bahay, sigurado naman akon na iimbitahan din ninyo akong kumain sa bahay ninyo bilang araw!

Maghahanda po kami ng sampung manok para sa inyong lahat at pakikiusapan ko ang aking tatay na magluto si inay.

here's da english version:

a flesance apternoon to all! To me, to you, we, they and everyone to come. I likes to thank my mother, father and especially my parents! For my pamily, to me, is the most important.

Tonayt I am graduation, and i'm froud of me in front to you. I invitation you all to come eat our house, because I know someday I will eat your house too!

I will die 10 chickens, 7 girls and 3 boys to eat you all and I will ask my father to cook my mother.

- note -

thanks to Ms. T for sharing this joke he he he, it was my turn to get embarrassed as people turned to look when i fell off my chair, laughing. e-he-he-he

for janina -jokes aside, prove 'em wrong girl! go win the title!


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