Paking Unbelebabel!

A wild roar erupted from the gym packed audience watching the slugfest (Unfinished Business - March 15) between paking (manny pacman's other nick) and marquez when the announcement came that the "pambansang endorser" este "kamao" (english: "nation's fist") won.

It wasn't the sort of hooting thumpa thumpa chest paking rocks type of roar though. More like, a big big noisy noisy sigh of... relief. we love paking to death despite his choice of traveling companion (atienza et. al.) and his very brian gorrellisky type of shenanigans in Embassy accompanied by someone-definitely-not-his-wife.

within minutes of the announcement, various news flash came out - the most interesting is the comment of nanay dionisia (paking mother) lamenting that she doesn't like paking's face to get all bloodied and cut. an unsolicited comment nanay - paking's never been a pretty face, wala na po syang ipapa-pangit pa. hala.

on the other hand, we filipinos are probably the most jaded boxing critics and sideline commentators. and everyone is saying the same thing:

Marquez You Da Winner Man!


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