To Be or Not To Be

i am in big trouble.

i mean, this sunday i am supposed to go on a smoke-inhaling-hallucinatory trip with my socialite friends... err... wait, this is not a brian gorrell expose and i DON'T have socialite friends. pa-sosyal yeah, but not socialites. honestly? that "expose" is causing people to cringe when they are labeled as "socialites", so i heard THAT group is planning to call themselves the "cultured" - you ask me, sounds too much like "vulture". i have been reading too much of that... ugh.

anyways, sunday is supposed to be the 10K marathon arranged by Holiday Gym and Spa around Cebu City. on second thought, running through the city is indeed a smoke-inhaling-hallucinatory trip. i have been gearing up for it, heck i have been having dreams (or nightmares) imagining myself running running, i've oiled my gut just in case i need to roll down the road if my shoes decide to do a good friday without any hope for an easter sunday.

i designed the banner and poster for the bloody marathon and annie has been super sweet in waiving my registration fee. that should account for something right?

problem is, i got another invitation for a sunday trip to moalboal. you know, just another one of those beaches in Cebu? just about the "next" boracy? you know... moalboal? white sandy beaches, gorgeous coral reef, really inquisitive fish literally eating off your hand, less the bus load of tourists? yup that place.

so figure this one out, the streets of the city or the beach? to be or not to be? well, wait for monday and you'll either find a picture of me all salty and sweaty or bummed and burned in this blog.


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