Lord of the Social Rings

March 11, 2008 inquirer lifestyle section reported the existence of a blog that is turning out to be fodder for the telenovela crazed Filipinos.

Death Threats,
Freeloading Socialites,
Coke (the sort that you snort),
Social MOUNTAIN Climbers,
Fashionista Disasters,
(in)famous names,
add to that Tons of Makeup.

What do they have in common? A scorned man.

You've heard "hell has no fury like a woman scorned." apparently they missed out on gay men popping out the kitty claws. this one is heart wrenching, gut stabbing witty witty writing. well, for those that got their names and pictures posted, it isn't.

reportedly, the blog has gotten tremendous traffic streaming through its pages. why the fascination for trash? well, for one it's high society trash and it's told by someone from within the circle. heck i could have gotten the same information if i just tapped my network of beloved (and abused) yaya and drivers that clean up the mess after the party. a word of caution, we don't want to generalize about high society, there are quite a number that have done tremendous good. but the reality remains that in all levels of society there are those that have crossed that line between "in" and "sanity".

it is so easy to dismiss the petty acts of people in the slums that we attribute to lack of education. what's the excuse for these lords of the social ring?

just a note, the original blog has been tampered and some of the entries have been deleted (allegations that one of the socialites named in the telenovela used the family's reputed influence to pull the plug). i have a copy of the archive before it got pulled out. thanks M for sending me a copy.

leave a comment and an email address and i can forward the tender juicy footlong kilometric email.


syd said…
Ito ba yung kaninang umga with ate Bell?

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