King Kong Climbs Naga Mountains!

I gotta admit, my most recent attempts at climbing is confined to the stepmaster machine in the gym. i haven't even considered going up the tall, reaaalllly tall indoor wall climbing facility in the gym. am skeptical that the ropes tied around my waist is strong enough to stop me from falling. that and the fact that a big, tall, hairy man like me doing the wall thing is too much King Kong for my liking.

so, i did the next best thing and went on a trek up the hills in Naga City (Cebu). It's not like i suddenly woke up with a strong desire to climb a mountain - the occasion is Good Friday and it is a Catholic tradition in the Philippines that we normally do the way of the cross as some sort of "pilgrimage" that traces the carrying of the cross up Calvary by the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, without the whips and nailing part - more like, water jugs, sandwiches and endless tsismis in between "stations" where we pause to say some prayers (silent sigh of relief from all the climbing).

honestly? i am really not into this type of activity - my treks are usually with a small group, not 500 people going the same way as you are. for goodness sake, am supposed to watch the scenery - not a bunch of asses jiggling and trudging on ahead of me. not good if you're downwind. on another note, there were more people who showed up for the activity compared to the group that showed up for Lozada's monologue. aylavet!

well, wherever i go, my camera goes along as well so i took the chance to take some snaps of the trek to commemorate the day my shoes officially died - never to be resurrected via elmer's glue or some epoxy.

to my numerous readers, the set here is really for some folks in London who missed this activity like anything. made a promise to post some family pics so i dumped them all together here..

(this is just a partial post of the pics, try to visit this link again for more pics)


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