When Angels Sing

i am humbled.

i have never shed a tear listening to someone sing a song. specially not from someone that you least expected such passion and emotion accompanying a voice that sings in the choirs of heaven. paul potts is a mobile phone salesman who joined Britain's Got Talent competition.

The judges first looked at him with cynicism as he claimed he just wanted to sing opera and shyly admits that he has confidence issues. in a latter interview, one of the judges admitted to have thought "here we go again..." but after hearing the first four notes, you can SEE they stopped breathing as they hung on until the very last note. the audience were on their feet, perhaps floating on clouds as they gave him a standing ovation.

needless to say, he won the competition but this video is his audition. the first from what i suspect will be a long history of angels singing on earth.

this is made more interesting considering that he survived his growing up years bullied by his classmates. more astounding is that he survived cancer. he was quoted to have said that through his trials, he had one true friend that never left him: his voice.

he is wrong, he had angels singing beside him and lifting his voice up to heaven. now he has anonymous people praying and believing that indeed, miracles can come in the simplest package.

as i watched his performance, i held my breath and felt my chest constrict as i listened and tried to hold back the tears. that must have been how a heart attack feels.

never mind that i was in a coffee shop when i wrote this entry.

thank you paul for reminding me how wonderfully human i am.


just in case you have difficulty accessing the video, the link on youtube.com is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DelJrP3P7tA&NR=1


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