"ka sabot na bisaya?" - i get that a lot. the locker room attendant assumed that i am a porengerm. and here i thought that he was just trying darned hard to talk to me in english because i work for call centers.

at six feet tall on the stocky muscular side, hair, more hair on my face, arms, legs, chest, back (yes, i haven't considered waxing) and on other netherworld parts of my body sets me apart from typical malay stereotype.

when i travelled to tokyo, japan for some work people there assumed that i was part of the northern ainu tribe, the original inhabitants of japan in hokkaido. tall, hairy, stocky with slanted eyes and moorish noses- it is not hard to find the similarity.

try to find me in the group picture to the left. yeah it is an old picture but am sure you can find me there.

when i did some work based in sri lanka, people thought that i look like a nepalese which is pretty much a good mixture of northern indian and mongol chinese. i gotta admit i purposely grew my beard to blend much better with the locals. try to find me in this group picture.

frequently i have received correspondence from some of my readers to publish a picture of myself. i gotta admit i was a bit hesitant as i want to remain anonymous, floating around. what better way to pick up bits of news and information if you are literally "invisible".

alas, as stardom finally caught up with my hectic lifestyle i am forced to publish my picture. just bear in mind that am using my high school 2X2 mug shot. it's not pretty but hey this is all i have. yup i am indeed a hairy poren germ. achooooo!

i guess you won't be saying hi if you do catch me. ugh.

friendly reminder, it is nearing summer but rain is still pouring - what better way to catch me in this gloomy wet season.


Sydney said…
sino sa kanila??? hehehehe...
meggienoodles said…
Yes.. you also come to my mind whenever I remember the Korean drama series.. "Jewel in the Palace".. You look like the Prince in that show.. or should it be.. he looks like you??!!

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