liar liar pants on faaaaeeeeer.

abs cbn news representative in congress reported that a standing ovation greeted the speech of jdv. but not for the reason you probably think. a long drawn out 59 minute speech that is 49 minutes tooooo loooooong. people were cheering that it finally ended. in fact, prior to his speech, it was rumored that only 100 representatives were voting "yes" to unseat him. his long speech obviously irritated enough tongress rep to bump up the number to 132.

his long theatrical delivery is only rivalled by pablo garcia, another representative that's known to use a thousand words when three should be enough.

under the threat of being unseated, he lashed out and spouted accusations left and right against the government. he may have a point, but his case is the same as the kettle calling the pot black. his exit is as ungracefull as a pig fitted with ballet tutu and asked to dance the nut cracker... on ice.

one rep wisely said, let him have his speech and and just get over it. but noooooo, pablo garcia kept on contesting it - obviously enjoying the spotlight, considering that he's beyond geriatric it was like he was trying to get as much publicity before he croaked. someone should tell garcia that flourescent light does not look good on him.

this entry is five hundred words longer than it should be. in the end jdv is outta the frame but he's still angling for the big picture with tv guesting, interviews, a planned miniseries complete with korean subtitles.

it's an ugly ugly situation.


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