Tongress Representative Jose De Venecia said on TV that the President has assured him that she is not supporting any ouster plan to get his yoda ass off the post of speaker of the house (i've long suspected that manay gina IS the speaker of the house anyways).

waving off any persistent rumors that the president is pushing for his ouster, he was quoted to have said "I'd like to hear it from the horse's mouth...". what a nice choice of simile. I personally don't want to be compared to a horse, in our president's case, a dwarf horse.


Kotongress Rep Nograles is said to be pushing for the ouster as he has his sights on the post of Bose Speaker. never mind the fact that manay gina is the fairy godmother of his two kids. he blames it on the many many years that manay gina has not remitted the required tithe for birthdays, Christmas, valentines, easter, and the usual 20% kickback for school projects of his kids – proving once and for all, that “all is fair in love and politics”.

Yes, politics is war and I can already smell the scent of rotting casualties.


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