Bed Mates

It is everyone's fantasy - someone crawling into bed with you while you sleep and give you a love bite. not if it is a bed bug.

considering that i am booked in a five star hotel where the nightly rates average 11,000 pesosess (add additional sssss for symbolic representation of EXPENSIVE) i certainly expected a little bit better pest control - and i don't mean taking pesticide in congress to get rid of the damned but very very rich rodents.

i texted a very close friend who is the PR director of another five star hotel about the incident, he wanted me to complain and ask for an UPGRADE.

i was incredulous, i mean it is bad enough to get bitten by a bed bug but i have no fantasies of le stat making an entrance in my bedroom. i don't want that kind of upgrade. the worst thing is that they didn't even accomodate my request for late checkout because they are preparing for the chinese new year celebration. i mean, that's the least they can do to make up for the sleepless hours i spent imagining every little thing to be some creepy crawly wanting to avail of a buffet.

i decided to loot their toiletries when i checked out. hmmmp!


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