Pimp Daddy

washing long hair is not an easy task. specially when you're in the middle of a shampoo and your business phone starts to bleat. i got a call this morning in the middle of a shower, dripping water all over the place, i answered my phone only to be met with dead silence on the other end. heller. leche na pipi na to, walang sign language ang telepono!

i usually don't answer unlisted numbers but this is my business phone where potential clients give me a call for just about anything. yeah anything, including movies currently screening complete with mini reviews, flight schedules, restaurant recommendation - you get the point.

it wasn't a surprise that a text message was blinking at me when i finished up with my bathroom rituals. i guess the caller just happened to drop the call when i picked it up previously.

"pwd nyo po b kng bgyan na grl txtmte na horny?dnt wori d po tau mgkakilala."

translated to - can you please give me a girl textmate that's horny? don't worry, we don't know each other.

that's it. i'm quitting. i don't intend to add to my long list of description : whore daddy, pimp daddy, papa-san aiiieeeeee.

i was sooooo tempted to reply "my clients don't text me, they call and they pay by the hundreds of thousands for ANY service i provide for them. unless you are a tongressman with Php 121M as pork barrel i won't be able to arrange for a project, and yes i can pad my quote to include the mandatory 20% kickback errr rebate that you get for services rendered."

instead i replied : "pwd pa-girl?" - the bloody bugger didn't even reply he he he he.

i am so pissed.


to my readers who has some time to play text mate with mr. anonymous please feel free to send him text messages, please don't forget to remit the referral professional fee of 10%.


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