Balentayn Date Raffle

Luvless dis Valentine's? I-txt mo lng si Dingdong Dantes at bka ikaw ang lucky n mkakad8 nya!Txt DINGDONG to 4627.P2/txt.No alerts?Txt STOP to 2855

- SunCellular

hmmmm, and more hmmmm.... i know i have long and curly hair, i can barely dance more less do some acting - on the other hand, i don't have any fantasies to become "marimar" in the life of dingdong dantes.

Here's a list why a date with Dingdong Dantes will never workout:

1. I am not a pedophile - he is very young and i am younger. err... much much younger... este, older.

2. I am not a fan - electric, manual, "paypay" or local MOVIE fan. The only local celebrities that I will admit to being a fan of is Pokwang, Eugene Domingo, Ai Ai delas alas, Ruffa Mae. Unless Dingdong starts to get really big breasts, become a character actor (a very very kind way of saying - hindi maganda o gwapo), or suddenly develop spectacular thespian skills (when he attempts drama i laugh, when he tries to do comedy i fall asleep...) i don't think he will be in my list of favorite actors.

3. I don't like to listen to monologues - in short, actors have this tendency to talk about themselves. the only monologue that i like is Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues and if you know this one, you'd probably know that's a lot of pekpek talking about real world issues affecting women and not some reality warped delusion of movie celebrities.

4. Nasa Maynila Sya, Nasa Cebu Ako - yes, you travel 18 hours by boat to manila from cebu, or get stuck in the airport for the same length of time to fly to manila. I have never been into cyber sex, chat or video stripping. besides, people in the internet cafe might think am some sort of pervert if i suddenly started to strip. i could probably open up my shirt and flash some hair on my chest, or a nipple. sus santa santisimo patawarin nyo po ako sa aking mga sala...

5. Lalaki sya at Lalaki din po ako - yes, some idiot in SunCellular decides to send a massive spam for a date not considering that half of the texting population is male and would probably not relish the idea of a cockfight... este swordfight... errr you get the point.

regarding dingdong, it's nothing personal - he doesn't know me and i have no intention of getting to know him either. the only dingdong i have is the mixed nuts variety. it could have been some other person like willie revillame but am sure the promo-gimik makers already know that no one's going to bother texting back for a chance to win a date with wowowee.

regarding the text - what they conveniently forgot to mention is that once you send STOP to that number you just basically confirmed your existence and they will be sending more text messages to you. that and the fact you probably paid P2 for that text message. blundering silly idiots.

I've never liked spam (the mail variety) and i certainly don't like getting some text messages from unknown sources. i wonder how they got my phone number 0922.123.4567 ...


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