What's Worse than a Plagiarizer? A Re-tagger

and i'm not talking about doing a facebook re-tagging of your friends in their worst condition. I'm talking about getting a ready-to-wear outfit, cutting out the tag (logo), pasting your own then selling it for a thousand times its original worth.

in a shocking turn of events in the fashion world, Puey QuiƱones, who rose to fame as the bibo enfant terrible of philippine fashion, may just as quickly realize that his career has gone the way of the dodo, EXTINCT.

he sold a jacket to a client tagged as Bobon by Puey QuiƱones at a hefty price of Php 30,000 and forgot to remove the Dansen logo still stitched in the inside pocket of the suit. the same jacket that would cost Php 3,000 in your nearest sari sari store - Shoemart.

in a matter of minutes after the damning evidence was posted in tweeter, the whole online community was a-buzz with this fashion scandal and has a deeper repercussion in the perception that this may not be entirely an isolated incident amongst filipino designers - even the more established ones.

Bobon even released an official statement that they have ceased to work with Puey as early as 2008, making the situation even worse.

In a stupid turn, Puey issued an apology - "I was simply pressured to create a suit and found a perfect blank canvas to develop. I know the entire situation could have been handled better but now it has just been blown out of proportion and affected so many others."

blown out of proportion? it was like he stuck a bunch of dynamite up his ass, poured gasoline on it and lit a flare - just to be sure.

he further added "I am doing all that I can to make sure that this does not happen again." which made more people uncomfortable as it can be taken to mean that he intends to make sure that next time, he would have to take extra care in snipping off every little bit of evidence, yup, the damn brand tag.

i don't need to be a madam auring to tell him that it will definitely not happen again as I don't think any sane client would even entrust the maid's frock to be done by this fraud.

errily, the phrase "enfant terrible" can positively refer to being "radical". on the down side, the more common definition of that phrase means "One whose startlingly unconventional behavior, work, or thought embarrasses or disturbs others".

i am sure that puey will not get any invitation to attend the parties of Maurice Arcache soon. wait, maybe they should go together palangga. they're both oddly disturbing.

do i really care? umm, not really.


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