meaty mighty flavor

why does the sausage stuffed, meat lover's pizza of pizza hut still taste like cheese? tons of cheese.

meat lover's pizza - dong juan. ground up beef, salami on thin crispy biscuit crust. umami!

i have resigned to the fact that i probably won't find pizza that has the umami taste and not just the common pinoy version that has sour, salty and sweet all over it. umami, as blogged from the internet defines the flavor akin to vetsin and that distinct meaty flavor usually associated with a good heavy steak, or bulalo.

it was then a pleasant surprise that the meat lover's pizza of dong juan lived up to it's claim as their best seller (am not saying it is the best pizza i've tasted) aside from their burgers.

sour dough burger with gravy overload, dong juan. tasted good but the extenders got in the way of the taste

although dong juan's burgers were good, the extenders used drowned the otherwise full meaty flavor that i've come to expect from don merto's version.

the meaty, juicy monster from don merto's. definitely passes my meaty umami requirement!

then again, this post is all about the pizza. did i forget to mention that it got served on a biscuit thin and crispy crust? i definitely tasted hints of sour dough that gave the crust that extra punch. ahh... dong juan is another place added to my list of pizza places in Cebu :)

food bliss.

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