Sushyal ang Azkal Namin - Half Danish Bread, Half German Shepherd

if you like the azkals then stop right here.

still here? well... dang! just when i am resigned to the fact that the Philippine Basketball Association is unofficially Phil-Am Basketball Association with its influx of ameyricans and crossbreeds playing for its ranks, our football team has stepped up to recruit drop dead gorgeous halfbreed players to fill in its ranks.

the only difference is that most of these meeestizos are not amboys (american pinoys) but europines (i just made that up, european pinoys). it suddenly feels like high school all over again where the meestizos in the class wanted to play soccer. but that's another story, i'm digressing really.

my lady friends kept texting and posting facebook shoutouts about azkals this, azkals that. i have this theory, 90% of the audience and fans are women. not that they have any dang clue why people need to kick someone else's ball and why it takes an average of an hour before anyone ever scores (hmmm, slow foreplay). does anyone ever think why billiards is not that popular compared to football? imagine efren reyes without his front teeth. it doesn't exactly make the ladies go oooh... ahhh... more like ew.

Princess Taray (not her real name) told me that her husband probably rued the day that he introduced her to azkals.

oh and another trivia, a radio dj gleefully mentioned that azkals ended with a draw when they played with the locals in bacolod a couple of weeks back. it seemed like he wanted to imply that bacolod locals are not that "great". the dj forgot one thing, if there's any place where football is GOD of sports, it's in Negros. Mr. DJ, if bacolod locals had the same funding they'd be trashing azkals anytime. then again, they're not exactly eye candy.

and since i'm officially on a rant, the azkals should stop using that name. look, they don't look like azkals (asong kalye) unless you live in Forbes where the azkals look like purebreeds.

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Anonymous said…
that's why they refer to it as spectator sport. people love to watch these men run around ha ha ha
Anonymous said…
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