Cine Pelikula Movies af Popcorn

to start off, i'm NOT a credible movie critic. i don't hold degrees and enough movie hours logged to even qualify me to say anything that can influence you to change your raving reviews of Skyline (which TOTALLY sucked you blue brained alien).

with that said, here's a list of movies that suckered me to shell out a minimum of Php 160 a pop (add another hundred for useless 3D effects)

for the first time, i was able to keep my eyes open throughout the whole movie, well, except for the first part involving a graphic, clinical embalming process.

anthony hopkins gives me the creeps.

with that said, the movie makes you think long after it is over. if it is any consolation, it can make you rethink your faith. i prayed DIFFERENTLY that night. that much i can share.

hmmm, i wasn't really ready to shell out Php 270 to watch a movie that has the highest probability of being done in 2D then converted into 3D to get us to shell out more moolah.

then again, midway through the movie i was reaching out my hand to try and catch the stars and lanterns that floated around me.

a not-so-faithful retelling of the grimm brother's version, but disney has a reputation to live up to as a child friendly company. for anyone who bothered to research the old rapunzel version(s), she got knocked up by the prince in an early case of teenage pregnancy which led to the witch's discovery of her love-affair when she complained that she was getting fat around the middle and her clothes fit a little more snugly. disney sanitized it a bit but retained important elements of the tale.

as the 50th animated film feature of the studio, this one lived up to the hype. on the side, the horse and the chameleon stole the show. you'll know what i mean.

get a tub of popcorn, sit back, enjoy the thrills, wipe your greasy hands on the chair and cover your eyes for a few scary scenes. the action happened in the first ten minutes of the movie then it dragged through a group of men escorting a witch through a mountain.

effects? yes, lots of it.

unfortunately, like SKYLINE, they somehow forgot to fill in the plot.

romantic? check. naked butts? check. late 80s? uhmmm someone forgot to tell me that the 80s is the new 60s. like the way they did "back to the future" where the movie was set in the 80s but had to go back to the 60s.

oh i almost forgot. the movie has lots of sex, i think more sex than necessary. it was a bit embarrassing as i watched it with my best friend and his parents came along to catch the movie. uh-awkward.

the movie had me chuckling and laughing the whole time. that is, if i can get over the slight headache caused by the cheap 3D effects that contributed ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the whole movie.

despite the fact that this movie was obviously a redone 3D version of an original 2D movie, it was fun watching jimmy banter with seth but the REAL star of the movie is the character Benjamin Chudnofsky/Bloodnofsky aka Cristoph Waltz.

i admit it. i'm one of those bored moviegoers that probably watched 4 out of the 8 metro film fest entires last december due to sheer boredom and for a lack of choices during the season.

not this one. i really planned to watch this movie just because it had toni gonzaga in the film.

i like her. funny, smart, quirky, not your typical gorgeous leading lady. but she held her own opposite john lloyd and delivered a funny, heartfelt performance of a jilted lover who pretended she had amnesia when she met her former fiancee. and that's where the fun begins.

here's a tip. get a pen and paper and catch as much cheesy one-liners from the movie.


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